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The Genium microprocessor prosthetic leg is quite simply the closest technology has come to natural walking. Imagine work, family, or leisure time activities without having to think about your next step. If your active life demands more function, this is the system you need.

Genium advantages for you

Walk up stairs step over step

The ONLY microprocessor knee that lets you walk upstairs under your own power, thanks to Genium’s many sensory inputs.


Cross obstacles more smoothly

Now everyday obstacles can be stepped right over—supported by a stable, flexed knee when your foot strikes the ground. No more awkward swinging your prosthetic leg around the impediments of daily life.

Walk backwards, forwards ... and more

Genium detects your forward and backward motion and provides support as needed. You’ll be secure even when stepping backwards or changing direction

Sit more naturally

If you sit for more than 2 seconds (with your thigh parallel to the ground and minimal weight on the leg) the Genium reduces resistance to take a more natural position—and switches to an energy‑saving mode!

No need to interrupt your busy day to


With a battery life of 5 days, there’s no problem if you need extra time away from your charger. Plus, Genium’s charger is connected with magnets to the back of the knee. Makes charging a snap — even through clothing or cosmetic covers – and no open charging ports.

Water-resistant—and more!

Everyday dust and dirt is no problem for Genium. But even better, the Genium is rated IPX-4 – which means you are protected against splashed water from all sides. It’s the only microprocessor knee to be tested to the IPX standards.

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