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Mobility Wheelchairs and Seating

The science behind helping to overcome physical mobility limitations is always evolving. New products, new techniques and new learning can offer people more independence at any age.

Our goal is to maximise your independence. Whether you’re looking for a paediatric chair, an active sports chair, a lightweight manual chair or a powered solution, our range of wheelchairs offer comfort, versatility, stability and great design.


Correct positioning, ease of use and low energy are essential when choosing your chair.

Adult Wheelchairs

Ottobock products are designed to increase independence and improve your quality of life. Feel free to bring the materials here to your care provider or clinician to discuss what might work well for you.

Kids wheelchairs

Most kids are interested in exploring their environment and being part of the action. Ottobock seating solutions can help bring them to the table – or wherever else they want to be! With products that grow with a child and come with accessories that make it easy to participate at school, home or play, the options are nearly endless.


Manual Wheelchair


Powered Wheelchair


Sports Wheelchair


Buggies and Walkers


Kids Manual Wheelchair


Services and Repairs

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