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Compression Stockings

Varicose and spider veins can be found amongst old and young which are not always a health risk but can be bothersome. Varicose veins can cause pain, tired legs or even swelling and should be diagnosed by a doctor. One of the conservative treatments for these conditions are compression stockings which aid in circulation as well as prevention of problematic veins and depending on what is treated will determined the class of stocking needed.  Gradual compression is very important when there are swelling present in the legs or arms due to a thrombosis or other medical conditions. Compression stockings also comes in various lengths from below knee, thigh or pantyhose and different colours and textures in order to have a fashionable appearance.



Lymphedema is swelling of an extremity mostly affecting the legs or arms due to lymph nodes being removed or damaged through trauma, cancer, operations or blocked lymphatic system or genetics. Lymphedema cannot be healed but can be controlled through proper management. The most common method of the conservative management is the use of compression garments.  Compression garments are divided into day and night garments as well as reduction garments kits. Garments which are worn during the day are similar to standard compression garments but are weaved differently than normal compression stockings in order to provide adequate compression over the area during the day. The stockings are usually custom made and can be manufactured in different colours in order to make it more patient compliant. 

Circaid Reduction kits are used as custom fitting garments that act as an inelastic compression and that can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs. This system can replace bandaging with the benefit of gradual compression that can be adjusted without removing the garment.  These garments are available for lymphedema in the arm and hand as well as a full leg and foot. The circaid can be worn both as a day and night compression garment.      

Mobiderm Autofit stockings has been designed to mobilize oedema during the night. It comes in a sleeve with mitten or full leg including the foot in order to maintain the work done by the daytime compression stocking

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