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Micheal Nel 

Practice Owner / Prosthetist

Micheal graduated from the Tshwane University of Technology in 2004 with a National Diploma in Orthotics and Prosthetics.


He moved to Cape Town with his wife in 2008 where Micheal Nel Prosthetics Inc was born.

Since then he managed to grow the practice with two more offices in N1 City and Panorama.

Micheal has a keen interest in Prosthetics, putting clients first and never shying away from a challenge.


Andrea le Roux

Business Partner / Orthotist / Prosthetist

I joined the practice in 2012 after finishing my internship and Btech degree.  My approach in the practice is to engage with patients with empathy and to apply clinical expertise in order to get the best possible result and outcome for their rehabilitation.

As a young practitioner I started venturing into the field of breast prosthetics and started specialising in this area.  I have a passion for women’s health and my focus in the practice is to measure and fit breast prostheses for mastectomy patients. The field of Breast Prosthetics is a very rewarding one as you restore more than just the appearance of your patients, but you also provide them with new hope for the future.

My love for custom orthotics started when I was employed as an Orthotist at the O&P Centre in Cape Town and up until today I still have a keen interest in this field. I mainly focus on custom lower limb orthoses for both adult and paediatric patients. I am a very creative person with an artistic background and the process of designing and manufacturing devices is more than just a functional rehabilitation device but it also a piece of art.  I like to combine new and innovative designs with materials which in return provides the best result for the patient.  


Jana Lemmer


I qualified from Tshwane’s University of Technology in 2014 and completed my internship in 2015 and B-Tech degree in 2016.  

I joined the team in 2016 and my main focus in the practise is mostly on Custom foot Orthotics, Compression Garments, and especially Lymphoedema which is a field of great interest to me. Forming part of a multidisciplinary team is very important in order to give the patient the best possible care and long-term outcome.  Being able to help and support people and walk the road of rehabilitation and long-term care with them is what brings joy in my profession especially with lymphoedema which demands lifelong self-care for the patient.  

My passion for the field of Compression garments and Foot orthotics was sparked due to the fact that it is both very broad fields that forms part of being an Orthotist with not enough awareness created to mark the importance and change it can make in n person’s daily living.

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