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Andrea le Roux
Owner/ Private Practitioner

I joined the practice, previously known as Micheal Nel & Associates in 2012 after finishing my internship and Btech degree and have been a business partner since 2018.


My approach in the practice is to engage with patients with empathy and apply clinical knowledge and expertise in order to get the best possible outcome for my patient throughout their rehabilitation process. I have a keen interest in custom made Orthotics and Prosthetics and find both sides of the industry fascinating. 


I have always been passionate about the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics as it is such a diverse field. No two patients are the same and that is the same principle which I apply when dealing with my patients as each person walking through our doors have different needs when it comes to bracing and prosthetics.  As a side hobby, I am very creative with art and find that one can get quite creative in this field and I also handle each custom device or prosthesis as if was a piece of art. 


It is also extremely rewarding to work so closely with patients where one not only restore a person’s appearance but also provide them with new hope for the future.


Jana Lemmer
Business Partner / Orthotist / Prosthetist

I qualified from Tshwane’s University of Technology in 2014, completed my internship in 2015 followed by my B-Tech degree in 2016.  



I joined the practice formerly known as Micheal Nel and Associates in 2016  and has been part of the team ever since.


 One of the most important aspects for me as an Orthotist/Prosthetist is that I do not only strive to enhance the quality of lives for those with disability through orthotics or prosthetics but also to provide personalized solutions for each patient to encourage their independence and mobility.  I focus on forming part of the multidisciplinary team in order to give the patient the best possible care and long-term outcome with applied knowledge and guidance as a practitioner.  Being able to contribute to the patient’s unique road of rehabilitation and long-term care is what brings joy to my profession.

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