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Le Roux and Lemmer offer Revolimb who has just introduced Revofit. Revofit is a micro-adjustable prosthetic limb that allows you to instantly control the fit of your socket without ever having to remove it. You can easily customise the fit, feel and performance of your prosthesis by fine-tuning socket compression around your limb.

Now, as you change throughout the days, months, and years, you can have a socket that will change with you


Available for all levels of amputee including:

Below Knee

Above Knee

Further features on RevoFit:


Custom pad design that follows the contours of your leg


Revofit targets the specific areas of your limb that fluctuate in volume while leaving the sensitive areas undisturbed. Precision placement of these adjustable panels allows them to flow with your changing body and your changing needs. The panels are lined with custom pads for soft, smooth compression and exceptional comfort.


Easy-to-use dial allows on-the-fly adjustability

Adjustability is incorporated into the socket by adding the Boa Technology® closure system. An easy twist of the Boa® dial adjusts the fit of your socket to your current needs.


Need a tighter fit for increased performance?
Simply twist the dial a few clicks until you reach a fit that is secure and comfortable.

Need to release some compression?
Just release the dial to decrease tension when you are driving, sitting or resting, or when you just need increased comfort and better circulation.

Your ability to easily tighten or release the contours of your socket puts you in control of your comfort and fit.


RevoFit's wiring system provides even pressure around your limbs 

The inlaid guide and filament and the Boa™ dial give you the power to create a precision fit in a durable, light-weight socket. The Revofit socket is sleek and discreet, unlike conventional straps or buckles, which can be bulky and difficult to use. The on-the-fly adjustability makes it possible to adjust your fit without removing any clothing. The resulting socket is effortless to use, easy to clean, simple to maintain,

hygienic and good-looking.

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