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Myoelectric Below
Elbow Prosthesis

“Myoelectric” is the term for electric properties of muscles. A myoelectric-controlled prosthesis is an externally powered artificial limb that you control with the electrical signals generated naturally by your own muscles.

Hand, wrist and elbow myoelectric components are available. With amputations above the elbow, a “hybrid prosthesis” may combine myoelectric-controlled components with body-powered components to control shoulder and/or elbow function. A skin-like glove covers the prosthesis for a natural appearance

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Key Features

A variety of sizes for children as young as 18 months and adults

A hand for amputation at or below the wrist

Ability to carry heavy loads (up to a set limit)

Aluminium construction for lighter weight

A manually adjustable thumb

A positionable thumb, driven by a separate motor, which allows for multiple grip patterns

A neutral position for a natural look and action while walking or at rest

Powerful grip force and grip speed

Grip force and grip speed proportional to the strength of the myoelectric signal

A sensor in the thumb that detects friction caused by objects slipping and automatically tightens the grip to prevent dropping

A slip-clutch to quickly release the hand’s grip in an emergency

Multiple grip options

A handshake function

Individually powered fingers with movable joints

Ability to extend the index finger to point or press a button

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