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The C-Leg 4 continues the industry-leading tradition of improving outcomes for more than 60,000 fittings worldwide. With studies citing increased stability and reduced falls*, the C-Leg 4 is weatherproof, can be controlled with the Android Cockpit app, and makes walking backward easier. Whether on sidewalk steps or dodging subway crowds, the C-Leg 4 helps transform the way you walk.

C-LEG4 advantages for you


Stop worrying about falls

No matter the terrain or your speed, the C-Leg 4 is always thinking about security—so you don’t have to. Its sensors recognize when you’re in an insecure position, and during a trip or stumble, increases resistance to provide the support you need to recover your balance. You can speed up, slow down, and go down stairs step over step with the assurance that the C-Leg 4 is there for you.

Real-time adjustments driven by 3D motion analysis

Since your motion occurs in three dimensions, the C-Leg 4 uses sophisticated sensors to determine where it is in space at all times and to make precise adjustments at every moment of every step. As a result, C-Leg 4 lets you easily navigate ramps, stairs, and nearly every type of challenging surface – even when walking backwards.


C-Leg 4 helps people master everyday life more confidently. With two additional MyModes, your Prosthetist can set up the knee to help make activities like biking, dancing, or golfing easier. Switching modes is simple, you can use the the Cockpit app for Android, remote control, and motion pattern to quickly change your settings using Bluetooth® technology.

Stance support when you need it

C-Leg 4 offers you the choice of Intuitive Stance, which recognizes you have stopped moving and dampens the knee in a slightly flexed position. This makes standing more comfortable and less tiring even on uneven surfaces, ramps, and slopes. This feature is sophisticated, adjusting and readjusting with every step in real time.

Easy going

Getting your prosthetic leg into motion is easy with the support from a C-Leg microprocessor. The smooth, natural start to your “swing phase” gives you the freedom and control you need to meet the challenges of your everyday life.

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